From the crossroads of twang and tremolo, Rich Layton & The Troublemakers
play high-octane American music. It’s the sound of an East Texas roadhouse, 
harmonica-fueled and swampified!


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The Ballad of Rich and Lu

What a long, strange trip it's been since Rich and Lucinda met in 1974! As their paths have crossed over the years, the conversation always picks up just where they left it. Here's a shot from Lu's in-store performance at Music Millennium, Portland's premier record storel.

RLTM Live Radio Set

So... Lyle Lovett was in town...

Rich steps up for a solo as Lyle Lovett looks on during the band's visit to Edgefield in July. "White Boy Trapped in the Blues." Included a great introduction and the story of Lyle buying one of Rich's old suits from a Houston vintage shop. That suit would be the one Lyle wore for the cover photo of his album "Pontiac."
Rich Layton & the Troublemakers: Tough Town

Rich Layton & Lucinda Williams | Austin '75


Rich Layton & Lucinda Williams at the University of Texas, Austin. 1975.

Some Houston Music History

Rich discussing Tough Town, his early days on the Houston music scene and the evolution of his harp style. Thx to Melissa Noble of KPFT (Part 2 under Video)
No Parole From Rock & Roll!!